Starting on November 18, PEH is proud to present this exclusive 7-part series production called 1803: When enslaved Africans won the battle for freedom in Haiti”.

The goal of this series is to take you back to a time when the African slaves in Haiti fought the French colonial powers and won their last battle on November 18th 1803 making Haiti the second independent country in the Americas (after the US) and the first successful slave revolt in the world.  The series will kickoff on Saturday, November 18th 2017. And over the following 7 days, our special guest, Frantz Voltaire, author and  international historian,  will take us through an overview of this world changing battle.

With this series, PEH wants you to learn about one of the most significant events in Black History that inspired and forever motivated them to carry on their mission to provide a “Brighter Future Through Education” for the children of Haiti.

You can follow the series in French or English, by subscribing to our YouTube channel, FB page, to our newsletter or revisiting this page.

Stay tuned for the series starting this Saturday.

April 2017

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