Building Brighter Future Through Education!

We, at Pierspective Entraide Humanitaire (PEH) are devoted to improving the lives of youth in Haiti. Young children everywhere are priceless and deserve all equal rights. With love and support, we can achieve greatness for these kids as the future of their country depends on them. There are approximately 17 000 children in the area of Corail Cesselesse, most of whom do not have any access to education. The construction of the first and second floor of the school has been completed, but there is still much to be accomplished. The school is incredibly bare. The school is in urgent need of the following:

  1. Construction material to plaster the walls, ceilings and floors (safety issue)
  2. Installation of a clean drinkable water system
  3. School supplies and material for students and teachers

With your generous gift, completing the construction of this school means building a foundation of hope for the children in the region for years to come.



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“Your support is crucial to 560 students at St. Paul School.”

Thank you for caring!