Activity Report


Activity Report

A Commitment to Education


The Power of Vision


2010 After the devastating January earthquake, the board of Pierspective Entraide Humanitaire (PEH) had a vision of empowerment of Haiti through Education.  With other partners, the directors of PEH started to implement the vision with the project from tents to school.

2011 Planning of the construction of the building of a school in the region of Corail with Aide Mutuelle pour un Environment Nouveau (AMEN), PEH partner in Haiti.

2012 PEH organizes many fundraising events to raise funds for the construction of the school.

2013 L’Ecole St-Paul de Corail opened officially its door with 65 students in 3 classrooms.

2014  L’Ecole St-Paul de Corail was inaugurated with the presence of The President Dr. Eric A Pierre, The Vice-president Antoine Derose and the Communication Director Helen Pierre of PEH.

2015 7classrooms were added to the building. A second floor is now under construction to accommodate the needs of the community.

2016 PEH launches the Buy a Brick campaign to raise funds to continue the construction of the school. 410 students at the elementary level were registered in the school.  Evening Adults used the school facility for professional courses.   The school building is two floors, completed at 85%.

2017 A new website was built ( A new documentary was shown on the site relating to the history of Haiti. A 7 part-series video posted on the website named `November 1803: The Battle that Changed Black History Forever’ was produced by marketer Anne-Michelle Derose and Historian Frantz Voltaire.

2018 the school is full to capacity 510 elementary students attend the school on a full time, basis even though it is not fully completed. Funds were needed to complete the final phase of the construction which includes the smoothing of the cement block, laying ceramic flooring and installing a clean water system.

2019 PEH sent 2 shipments of dental equipment, French books and laptops/tablets to equip two laboratories. The school is a hub for Corail Cesselesse community with a health care facility, a library and a computer centre.

2020 Haiti was greatly impacted with the Coronavirus virus like everywhere in the world. Schools were opened only during few months due to restrictions such as curfews and lock-downs. Meanwhile political uncertainty, gangsterism and violence increased in Port-au-Prince and also in Corail. Management and staffs had often taken shelter in the school. PEH supports the Management in the  review of the school curriculum and the adoption of new innovative approaches to Education.

2021 l’Ecole St-Paul de Corail counts 610 students in the elementary school and 80 students in the secondary school.

Despite the struggles in Haiti, the belief in the power of Education prevailed.  All our students that attended the official exams of the9th fundamental year of the ministry of Education were successful.

Our secondary students are becoming mentors and leaders. They are very involved in the activities of the school. They manage sports team, cultural and academic activities.

The Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training of Haiti has rewarded Ecole Saint-Paul de Corail with a certificate of Honour and Merit for the year 2020/2021.

From few students in 2013

To L’Ecole St-Paul de Corail, Elementary Students 2021

L’Ecole St-Paul de Corail, Secondary Students 2021

PEH New Program

Sponsorship of Nursing Students

May 2021 PEH enters a sponsorship agreement with “L’Ecole de Formation Professionnelle Notre Dame de Lourdes” in Haiti to sponsor 5 nursing students.

The chosen students live in disadvantaged neighborhoods, some of them are orphans, but despite their challenging circumstances they are determined to study, finish the nursing program and graduate. These students greatly needed help in order to be able to continue their professional studies and have hope for a better future. PEH chose the students based on the following criteria:

Difficult and precarious economic situation and good academic performance. The Nursing program is 4 years.


2021 Graduation Ceremony

Graduates proudly and joyfully receiving their nursing diplomas

The directors of the school Dr. Guerlaine G Laplanche et Dr. Jean Ravel Gilles developed a placement program to find training and employment for the graduates in hospitals, clinics insurances companies and with governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Emergency Disaster Relief Program

On August 14, 2021 Haiti was battered by its second powerful earthquake in just over a decade. Still recovering from the effects of the 2010 tragedy and already in political turmoil, the country was ill prepared for another natural disaster. Thousands of people were killed or injured, and local infrastructure is overwhelmed. Hospitals were well beyond capacity, and many of the churches that form a mainstay of the support system were left in ruins.

PEH received donations to help the victims of the Earthquake. All donations were funneled directly to Haitian organizations best positioned to support the earthquake victims.

2023 Updates

Rivacom distributed school kits donated by the Rotary Club, Forest Hill Branch in cooperation with Pierspective Entraide Humanitaire.

In 2023, approximately ninety children received school kits.

Rivacom Centre in Grande Rivière du Nord.

Students gathered after sports practice at St. Paul de Corail School.

Karate camp at St. Paul de Corail School.

The RIVACOM School Textbook Bank project in cooperation with Pierspective Entraide Humantaire: A notable advancement for education in Grande Rivière du Nord


Access to Education has the power to break the cycle of poverty and make a brighter future possible You have given the life changing gift of Education to a new generation of Haitians.

Thank you, Donors, for your unwavering support and generosity. Together we accomplished great things. We couldn’t have done it without you.