Pierspective Entraide Humanitaire (PEH) was founded by Dr. Eric Pierre and other community leaders in 2002 to raise funds for different projects in Haiti. Our organization consists of concerned citizens who proudly volunteer our time and resources to help the people in Haiti. As of present, PEH has no paid staff; all of the people working with PEH put their time, talents, and energy at the service of the Haitian people.

We take pride in the fact that we are able to minimize administrative costs, allowing every donation of monetary, volunteer efforts, and donated goods to reach the intended recipients. Since our foundation, we have supported several organizations such as an orphanage “Enfants haitiens mon frère”, we have also sent monetary donations and goods to a seniors’ home, “L’Asile des démunis” in Grande Rivière du Nord and provided medical supplies to Grace Hospital for children in Port-Au-Prince supported by International Child Care (ICC) as well the Grande Rivière du Nord Hospital.


After Haiti was hit by various natural disasters, notably the devastating 2010 Earthquake, we focused on fundraising relief efforts for different parts of the country. We have collaborated with the Haitian Red Cross and Rivacom our partner in Haiti (a local Haitian run organisation) to channel funds and distribute goods in Haiti.

Over the years, PEH has sent many containers of books, medical supplies, equipment, clothing, and other items to various institutions in Haiti as part of our ongoing efforts to support the institutions we are involved with.

The region of Corail was especially hit hard due to the sudden increase in their population. Before the earthquake, Corail-Cesselesse was an isolated, almost uninhabitable area. Almost overnight, Corail saw its population increase rapidly after the victims of the earthquake moved to the region creating a different kind of crisis for the small community. Particularly the children.

The rise in population put a lot of pressure on the already limited resources available for families especially for young children. With this in mind, PEH shifted their purpose and decided to help in the construction of a school for young children which would in return benefit the entire community in several different ways. Construction started in September 2011.

Today, St.  Paul school of Corail Cesselesse presently serves 410 children, and the need to complete the school is vital. With your help, we can finish the amazing work that was started in 2011 and complete the construction of the school to continue providing for these 410 students.  We still need to plaster and paint the walls, cover the floors and provide proper school equipment to make the learning environment safer and adequate for the children and staff.

Pierspective Entraide Humanitaire is a non-profit, registered charity focused on supporting charitable organizations in Haiti particularly those affecting children and the elderly.


Dr. Eric Pierre

Founder and past president

Helen Pierre


Antoine Dérose

Past President

Joseph A. Remy


Marlène Thelusma-Remy


Yarly Jean-Paul