Our Mission

Pierspective Entraide Humanitaire is a non‐profit, registered charity focused on supporting charitable organizations in Haiti, particularly those affecting children and the elderly.

Our Vision

Provide access to education for underprivileged children in Haiti.

Perspective Entraide Humanitaire (PEH) was founded by Dr. Eric Pierre and other community leaders in 2002 to raise funds for different projects in Haiti. Our organization consists of concerned citizens who proudly volunteer our time and resources to help the people in Haiti.

Our most recent project has been to build the St. Paul elementary school in Corail Cesselesse, Haiti. With your generous gift, completing the construction of this school means building a foundation of hope for the children  in the region for years to come.

We are grateful for our generous donors, sponsors and supporters who have made this vital project a reality. Please help us make a difference in the Corail community, DONATE!